🚨Breaking News! Kellan Hartmann has left the building!

I noticed this morning that Kellan Hartmann made the decision to delete his Twitter account and deactivate his Onlyfans profile.

Having been in the spotlight since his debut in the adult film industry back in 2015, Kellan has starred in 27 professionally produced scenes and maintained an Onlyfans presence since 2020.

It appears that he has chosen to embark on a new chapter in his life, and we wish him all the best on this exciting journey.

This fan site initially started as a Tumblr page and eventually transitioned to its current platform.

While we haven’t heard directly from Kellan, it’s heartwarming to think that he might be exploring new opportunities and pursuing his career in photography.

With Kellan’s retirement, it feels like the right time to gracefully conclude this blog. We want to express our affection and gratitude for all the support and moments he shared with us throughout his career.

Wishing you the brightest future, Kellan!🫶

Kellan Hartmann