The Biggest Cock on Twitter is Back!!

How did I not know this?!!!🤦‍♂️  Kellan Hartmann has a Twitter account!!!

Official Kellan Hartmann Twitter account

Pure speculation (or wishful thinking🙏)…but I noticed that he’s following several agents and studios!! Is he making a comeback?!!!

This is who Kellan Hartmann is following on Twitter

I hope so!!  We need more of him and his big hot cock in 2023!!🤞

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Kellan Hartmann big cock selfie - Hunter Storch Onlyfans



Happy Kellanversary!

image credit: Gayhoopla

Kellan’s porn debut seven years ago today!  Gayhoopla release his first scene (a solo) on Oct. 2, 2015!








Seven years later and he’s still HOT AF!


Kellan Hartmann - Hunter Storch Porn Star



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What’s even more strange, is that 90 visitor used this search term?!  🤔

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