🚨Breaking News! Kellan Hartmann has left the building!

I noticed this morning that Kellan Hartmann deleted his Twitter account and deactivated his Onlyfans.

He’s been in the spotlight since his porn debut in 2015, starred in 27 professionally produced scenes, and has been on Onlyfans since 2020.

I guess he’s decided it’s time for a fresh start.

This fan site began as a Tumblr page and later moved to this site.

I haven’t heard from him, but I suspect he’s moving on to other things and focusing on his photography career.

Now that Kellan has retired, this seems like an excellent time to sunset the blog.

To everyone who has visited this site, or the original Tumblr site, over the years – thank you!!

And to Kellan…lots of gratitude, affection, and warm wishes!

Kellan Hartmann