Kellan Hartmann Retro Blowjob 2015

All that time in the gym paid off for teen muscle stud Kellan Hartmann! 

Kellan was only 19 and had the lean muscular body of a college freshman when he made his first video at

When you watch him fuck, you’d never guess that he was just a teenager. He fucks like a MAN!

Most men are nervous the first time they fuck in front of a camera and often deliver a stiff performance. Especially young guys. Men in their teens and early twenties usually lack experience. It shows in the awkward and insecure way they fuck. 

But not Kellan; this bold young muscle stud proves in his first video that he knows how to use his 9-inch cock.

He’s paired with a thin young woman named Jenny and fucks her with total confidence, frequently changing positions and pace. 

He treats her like a cock toy and owns that pussy with his dick!


Happy Kellanversary!

image credit: Gayhoopla

Kellan’s porn debut seven years ago today!  Gayhoopla release his first scene (a solo) on Oct. 2, 2015!








Seven years later and he’s still HOT AF!


Kellan Hartmann - Hunter Storch Porn Star